A logo, a reason

In the heart of Tuscany, where the Arno River meanders through ancient cities, stands a monument that has fascinated the world for centuries: the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

But Pisa is not just a tower; it is a living testimony to the passion, history and innovation recognized throughout the world.

The "PISA & LOVE 100 years" logo celebrates a century of public speaking, leadership and growth through Toastmasters. It's not just a simple anniversary, but a tribute to everything that represents the essence of Toastmasters. The design evokes the image of Pisa not only as an architectural symbol, but also as a representation of perseverance and ambition.


Our values


LThe Leaning Tower of Pisa, a universally recognized symbol, welcomes visitors from every corner of the world. Toastmasters, in the same vein, celebrates diversity and inclusiveness.

Every voice, regardless of language, culture or background, finds resonance and acceptance. The Pisa club embodied this vision with its pioneering decision to be a “hybrid club”, allowing participation without borders.

This opening reflects the soul of Pisa, a university center that attracts young and brilliant minds. "Think Tomorrow" perfectly captures this aspiration, projecting a look into the future with optimism and openness.


Leadership manifests itself in many forms: guiding, listening, growing and improving.

Pisa, with its heritage of scientists, artists and innovators, is witness to how leadership can flourish in different facets.

Toastmasters, in a century of evolution, has developed leaders who look to the past for inspiration, but with their eyes firmly set on the future.


One hundred years is a mosaic of stories, challenges overcome and triumphs achieved. Pisa, with its centuries-old heritage, represents the sacredness of memory and the importance of preserving one's roots.

The logo invites us to honor this past, but with the passion and determination to shape the future.


"PISA & LOVE" is a deep and multiple call. Not only does it express a love for the city and Toastmasters' illustrious history, it also evokes echoes of "PEACE & LOVE."

In an era where harmony and unity are more necessary than ever, the message invites us to reflect on empathy and the search for peaceful solutions to conflicts. It is a hymn to understanding, collaboration and building bridges of love and respect.
In conclusion, "PISA & LOVE 100 years" is not just a logo, but a manifesto. Besides celebrating a century of dedication in the art of public speaking and leadership, it resonates with a profound message of “PEACE & LOVE”.

This celebration of Toastmasters' mission highlights our aspiration to cultivate speakers and leaders of not only talent, but also heart, working for a better world. Inspired by our values ​​and the past, we look to the future with enthusiasm and hope.