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Carol Bausor: Keynote Speaker


Speaker profile
Carol BAUSOR is British, adopted by the City of Lyon in France. Her
company and her life were totally restructured by COVID ; all to the better !
Her latest reinvention has filled her with joy, since she now spends more
time speaking from the stage and facilitating workshops … sometimes in
She recently had the honour of playing the role of MC at an award
ceremony for the oldest TOASTMASTER in our District (and possibly the
world !), Mr Peter KENTON, 97 years young.
Carol believes that Peter is an example to us all of how life-long learning
keeps our brain agile. She knows that it is never too late to go for your
dreams … and she will be telling us just how to do that in her keynote !


When Toastmasters rebranded, around a dozen years ago, introducing the tagline “Where
Leaders Are Made”, many Toastmasters protested, saying “People only join to learn to speak
in public .. not to learn about leadership”.
Yet leadership forms an integral part of public speaking .. and of the Toastmasters
Fundamentally, leadership is the art of unleashing others’ potential—providing them with the
environment, resources, motivation, and strategy to succeed and reach their goals. Yet before
you can bring out the best in others, you need to do the same for yourself.
Learn how Carol believes that anyone can (and should) be a leader, and the best way to hone
your skills .. beginning with N° 1.

Website: https://www. Contact info:

Francesco Fedele - Embrace the challenge to grow as a Leader: my experience and how I came to run for the position of International Director

Speaker profile
Francesco first found out about Toastmasters in July 2011 and immediately fell in love, becoming a member of Toastmasters Roma, Italy. He went from his ice-breaker in August 2011, to completing his CC in only six months on February 2012, and achieved his first DTM after three years in September 2014. He achieved a second DTM in 2021 and is working on the third.

He has been President of the Toastmasters Roma club, charter member for FAO Toastmasters, INAIL Toastmasters, Vicenza Toastmasters, Toastmasters Academy Rome and EloquenTIS. He was a Pathways Ambassador, in the District 59 Core team as PRM and CGD. He was the first District Director of the new District 109 (Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus and more) in 2018/2019, leading the district to becoming Smedley Distinguished and sixth in the world. From April 2021 to June 2023 he was Region Advisor for Region 10, where he trained and supported the Leadership Teams of all the eight European Districts of Toastmasters, indirectly supporting 1.000 clubs.

He is now a nominated candidate for the role of International Director for Region 10 (part of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors).
In his spare time, he makes a living as professional trainer, company manager and coordinator of EU funded research projects. He loves and teaches scuba diving, likes (too much) to eat, and is always ready (when possible) to travel ... simply put, he enjoys life!
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Improve leadership skills

Over the course of his 13 years of membership, Francesco has taken almost all the leadership roles foreseen in Toastmasters. After having covered all the roles foreseen in the ExComm, he has been Area Director, Division Director, Club Sponsor, Club Mentor, PRM, CGD, District Director, Region Advisor and now he is a nominated candidate for the position of International Director.

What did he learn along the way and which suggestions can he share with those that would like to develop their leadership skills?

Davide Giansoldati


Speaker profile
Davide Giansoldati DTM lives in the province of Milan with his partner, a cat who mentors him, and two dogs who adore him.
He created his first website in 1996, and the latest one in 2024.
He has been a Toastmaster member since 2007: during these years, he has taken the stage as a speaker 347 times and as an evaluator 214 times.
He has served as an Area Director, VPPR, and President.
As a Digital Transformation & Change Management Coach, he has been involved in corporate training and personal development for fifteen years.
He founded Unicornucopia, the first institute in Italy focused on developing people's cross-disciplinary skills.
His motto is "If we improve people, we improve companies."
He is the author of ten books, hosts two podcasts, and has three YouTube channels.
He teaches social media for publishing at the Master's programs at the Università Cattolica and IULM, and digital marketing for publishing at the University of Verona.


April 21st is World Creativity Day.

What better day to start with the good intention of training our ability to think outside the box and find "lateral" solutions?

In this workshop, Davide Giansoldati will guide you on a journey to the sources of creativity to collectively discover the matrix of all stories

Diane Sheryl Fryman


Speaker profile
Diane Fryman was the lead founding member of the first Toastmaster club in Italy (Milan-Easy Club of Milan). She is an American Organizational Psychologist, Coach and CEO of Performance Technology Solutions based in Milan, Italy supporting top multinational companies in Europe to improve their performance through their people.

She is adjunct professor and coach for various Business School on Leadership, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship. Diane is a big fan of Simon Sinek, has been married for 30 years with Fausto Meli with whom she has two daughters Stefania and Laura.


Whether you think you can or cannot, you are right! This famous saying by inventor Henry Ford makes us reflect upon how our own self-beliefs determine our futures.

 Come to this workshop if you want to:
- explore your mindset and how it impacts your decisions and behaviours.
- learn 5 scientifically proven habits for creating a positive mindset

Come to get inspired to step out of your comfort zone and into the learning zone during this very interactive workshop that will involve you fully to help you to reinforce or shift to a positive mindset.

Annalisa Crespi


Speaker profile
Coach, Trainer, Adjunct Professor, Speaker Trainer, Motivator, and Soft Skills Development specialist in the field of effective communication, I help individuals generate the motivation required to learn and exercise leadership, with a particular focus on female leadership.

Personal Recognitions from Toastmasters:
Four-time champion, achieving first place at Division and District levels in Italian speech contests between 2016 and 2017.
2015 - DTM (Distinguished Toastmasters Member)

Over 30 years of managerial experience in credit management at a French multinational company.

Generous, reliable, inquisitive, determined in achieving goals, committed to change, and dedicated to continuous personal growth!


It involves a journey to better understand oneself and the awareness of the connections that exist between personal qualities and leadership.

A conceptual framework will be the means to better evaluate the choices that need to be made to enhance efficiency.

Moving forward with practical examples, it fosters the development of individuals' creative power within organizations.

Annalisa Libré


Speaker profile
She has been a Toastmaster since 2017; taking the committee roles first as Treasurer and then President
of the Toastmasters Torino club in 2018; Conference Chair of the Division A Conference in Turin in 2019.
In 2020, she held the position of Area Director.
A civil lawyer, she has recently broadened her professional and personal skills by graduating with honour
from the three-year MICAP academy (International Master in High Performance Coaching - more
information at in December 2023. The MICAP academy included specialisations
in: “Leadership in Action”; “Complex Negotiations” and three NLP certifications (NLP Business
practitioner; NLP Master practitioner and NLP Coach). The course also involved physical and practical
tests, including a week-long survival camp and running the Berlin Marathon in 2022. These experiences

have enabled her to develop and enhance some essential qualities for a leader, such as decision-making
ability under extreme conditions, self-discipline, flexibility, resilience and endurance.
She realised that leadership is a skill that is trained every day and starts first of all with ourselves.


There are many leadership styles and entire volumes have been written on leadership. What sometimes
escapes us is that to be recognized as credible, effective and authoritative leaders we must start with
ourselves. If we cannot lead ourselves, how can we lead others? If we are not consistent with our values,
how can we be credible? The great leaders in history, from Ghandi to Nelson Mandela, all practiced the
values that they preached.
In this workshop, you will discover the four indispensable skills for a leader, as well as some tools to
ensure you are aligned with your values in order to inspire others and be recognized as a capable,
credible and authoritative leader.

Marco Albasio


Speaker profile
Graduated in optical engineering, I worked in telecommunications and fiber optics.
I have lived and studied in Italy, France, USA and Kuwait. I speak Italian, English, French and Mandarin.
Always passionate about oriental philosophy. In 2018 I opened Tea&Tao in Milan, where I dedicated myself to spreading growth and spirituality by organizing individual and corporate events.
Since 2018 I have also fallen in love with the Toastmasters method and have helped spread it with the YLP programme


An experiential workshop to deeply absorb an innovative method to "unleash your creativity"!
Why? Because everybody has issues, big or small, that could disturb your daily peace, or even get you really upset.
How? The Virtuous Spiral allows you to find solutions outside of your usual bag of tricks / field of knowledge.
What? You will have the opportunity to experience a hands-on workshop that will allow you to absorb a practical technique that you will be able to use at any time you need it.
What now? Come join us at this fun experience where you can acquire enough skill to allow you to start using it with ease.